COVID-19 Safety Measures

1.Health & Safety Policies

True wellness is achieved through a sense of physical safety as well as psychological safety. Put simply, our workspace users must both BE safe and FEEL safe. This belief guides our safety-forward policies outlined below. 

Effective immediately, we are taking more stringent measures to support local ordinances and restrictions that aim to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

SkyDesk is open and operating 24/7. 

We leave it up to you, our loyal member, to decide if your business is considered “essential”. 


All members and guests must have a mask or face-covering in their possession in order to enter. All members and guests entering the space are required to verbally affirm that in the last 14 days, they haven’t presented any of the following symptoms or been in contact with someone who has, as advised by the CDC

Cough Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing 

OR at least 2 of the following symptoms: Fever, Chills, Repeated shaking with chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or sense of smell. 


The state of NJ has mandated the use of a mask for all medically-able individuals in settings where 6+ ft of distance is not possible. SkyDesk is complying with this guideline, and although much of the workspace is designed to support distancing of 6+ ft between members and guests, it is mandatory that you bring your own mask/face-covering into the space, and cover your nose and mouth when distance is not possible. 

Members in their own private workspace (such as a private office) are encouraged to continue practicing social distancing within their space, but may use masks in accordance with their own comfort level. 


Heightened cleaning and disinfecting processes, (as recommended by the CDC) will be executed by external, contracted cleaning teams. We’ve assigned the cleaning crew to specifically clean all the common areas of the building including the following: doors, handles, elevator buttons, main entry doors, and all surfaces that come in contact with hands. The cleaning products we use kills germs up to 24hrs, this helps to limit the transmission of any viruses on surfaces in the building. 

Sanitation sweeps of common areas will continue to take place throughout each workday by the SkyDesk staff—wiping down between meetings, cleaning commonly used areas, etc. Hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes will be available throughout the workspace for ongoing member and guest use. We strongly encourage washing hands with soap and water as a first option. 


We will comply with all forthcoming local regulations—if any—regarding limitations on gathering sizes. Any member or guest who would like to set their own self-restrictions above those regulations are welcome to do so. SkyDesk team members will provide assistance with meeting room bookings to ensure each group is accommodated. 

2. In-Space Behavioral Changes

The “new normal” will be ushered in with updated day-to-day habits for all who use SkyDesk Coworking. Here are the mindful new behaviors we’re fostering in the space… 


Clean-In, Clean-Out efforts: Members and guests will be encouraged to sanitize before and after using shared workspace, phone booths, and copy machine. This will be supported by the installation of sanitizing wipe stations. New, centralized trash receptacle locations will guide members and guests to deposit trash in a sanitary, hands-free bin. 

EVENTS In-space events, when they occur, will be tailored with distancing in mind, and to comply with large-group gathering protocols—if any—as recommended by local government and the CDC. 

3. Design Considerations


Existing generously-sized Dedicated Desks with vertical screens support social distancing. Some chairs may be removed from Flex space to ensure at least 6+ feet between coworkers. Privacy dividers will be installed between desks for added protection and privacy. 


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