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5 Unexpected Advantages of Working From A Coworking Space In New Jersey (Instead of Working From Home)

When most of us see the words “work from home” in a job ad, we get pretty excited. Those three little words mean no commute, working in your pajamas, and creating a workspace that fits you perfectly. 

But many people discover that working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Not only are there distractions, but it’s also difficult to separate work life and home life. Plus, staying inside all day cuts down on the walking we do and the human interactions we get. With that realization, many people turn to their computers and type in “coworking space near me.” When they find SkyDesk, they quickly discover some of the advantages of working in a shared workspace instead of working from home. Let’s take a look. 

You’re Away From Home Distractions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single person living on your own, or if you’re married with four kids. In either circumstance, there are going to be distractions at home. If you live with a bunch of people, they will always find ways to distract you, whether intentional or not: screaming, asking for snacks, banging on the walls, and calls for attention are just a few of the things that bother someone who’s trying to work from home. 

On the other hand, someone who lives alone might just wander around the house, just hoping that something will distract them from work. When you’re in the middle of a big work project you’d rather not be doing, the laundry or the dishes are suddenly very enticing. 

When you choose to work from a coworking space in New Jersey, those distractions go away. When you look around, you’re surrounded by people who are there to…well, they’re there to work. (More on that below.) There won’t be housemates distracting you with dozens of questions, and there also won’t be any household chores. You simply have your work in front of you, and it becomes your primary focus.

You’re Surrounded By Professionals

Our coworking spaces are professional environments, so you’re surrounded by people who are there to get their work done. They have deadlines, too, and people tend to respect that. When you’re surrounded by people who have their heads in the game, it’s just easier for you to do the same. While everyone might have the same specific goal, they have the same general goal: get work done. 

Interestingly, working in a coworking space in Livingston, Morristown, or Parsippany can actually be more productive than those working on-site with a company. After all, people on-site at a company form friendships and the “water cooler talk” can get out of hand, reducing productivity. There’s gossip, there’s complaining about the company, there’s the ping pong table that’s calling to them a half-dozen times a day. Coworking spaces beat both working from home and working on-site.

That’s not to say you won’t make friends at a coworking space. Which brings us to our next point…

The Accidental Partnerships

One of the great things about working at a co-working space is that you’ll run into people that you might never meet otherwise. Writers will meet coders, social media people will interact with marketers, engineers will bump into artists. It’s a great place to socialize with somebody new, and these interactions often take place in our breakrooms.

But it’s not just about friendships; partnerships can form as well. The writer might have an idea for a video game and partner with the coder. The artist might have the engineer make a large piece of outdoor art. As people get to know people outside of their normal social sphere, new partnerships create stuff that didn’t exist before.

The Cost Savings

Yes, you’ll have to pay for a coworking space in New Jersey. (Luckily, you can pay month-to-month if Skydesk doesn’t work out for you.) But it’s important to take a look at the cost savings you’ll realize when you choose to come work in our shared workspace. Here are some things you won’t have to pay for at home when you work at our shared office space.

  • Printers – If you don’t want to upgrade your home printer so that it prints in color — or pay for the color toner cartridges — just use ours when you need to.
  • Internet – We have super-fast internet that can accommodate everyone who works at our coworking space. You can choose the cheaper package for your home and let us pay for the fast connection.
  • Office Furniture – When many people start working from home, they try working from the kitchen table. Soon they realize that that’s simply not comfortable or practical and that a real desk and office chair are necessary. At SkyDesk, we take care of both of those for you.

The Appearance

While you might not need the conference rooms if you’re working remotely, these rooms can be very important to an entrepreneur who needs to impress clients. Not only will they be impressed by the look of our Livingston, Morristown, or Parsippany coworking spaces as a whole, but you’ll get to wow them in our AV-equipped conference rooms that you can book.

Can we just admit that inviting a client to your house for a presentation is just weird? No matter how nice your house is, it’s not going to instill a lot of confidence in them if they have to walk through your kitchen in order to get to the presentation.

Ready To Stay Focused?

Our New Jersey co-working spaces are an excellent place to stay focused and present yourself in the most professional manner possible. With three upscale locations in the state, you’re sure to find a coworking space nearby that can fulfill your needs. We’d love it if you scheduled a tour with us to check out the nearest location. With month-to-month desk or office rentals, you’ve got nothing to lose…except your distractions! Give us a call today.



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